Juvia’s Place Makeup Brushes – Best Brushes Ever!


My History With Makeup Brushes

So i’ve tried many different makeup brushes throughout the last few years, and while some of them are good, none of them compare to my favorite. I’ve used Morphe Brushes (which are good), sephora brushes (average), cheap ones from amazon (not so good), etc.

When I was a beginner I didn’t know whether my interest in makeup was going to be long term or not, so I invested in a cheap pair. I bought these off of Groupon. They honestly weren’t terrible for my first set. I learned a lot while using them, and the hairs didn’t fall off too easily. The only thing was that they weren’t soft or great quality.

Throughout the time period I was using those brushes, I bought some extra brushes that I needed, or had felt that I should have gotten a better quality version of. I bought a few eye shadow brushes that I have from Sephora, which I still use, and a few E.L.F. brushes. Now for the quality and price, there are a few elf brushes that I really like and would recommend.

Best Makeup Brushes I’ve used

It wasn’t until about a year ago that I invested in a really good set of brushes. I bought a pair of Juvia’s Place brushes. Now some of you may not have heard of them before, but all of the products she sells are honestly amazing.

The quality of the brushes and eye shadows can’t compare to a lot of brands. I’ve washed these brushes so many times, and use them on a daily basis, and swear by these brushes. They are super soft and even after all the washes I’ve given them, there is still not a hair out of place. They aren’t super cheap, but once you buy brushes from her they won’t need to be replaced! I bought the 9pc set for $42.00 which honestly isn’t a terrible price. I don’t know if they sell that set anymore, but any of the ones with the red handles are great.

You can check out her store here !

If you do decide to buy anything let me know!

(I am not sponsered by any of the companies that I have mentioned. These are my own opinions)

– Melina xx

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